Data Cabling Installation Services in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Data Cabling Installations in Brisbane and Gold Coast 

Do you need data cabling installed in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast? Express Voice and Data has the experienced team to install all your data cabling needs including Cat5e and Cat6 data cabling.

Whether it’s for data cabinets, patch panels or network switches, our technicians supply and install everything you need to complete your network requirements.

Express Voice and Data have been servicing the Brisbane and Gold Coast market for over 20 years, leading the field for commercial and residential data cabling installations, fault testing, end-user service testing, and upgrades.

If your business is growing, and you need to reconfigure or install new telephone and data cabling installation services, our friendly team can help.
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Telephone and Data Cabling in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Being connected is essential – a fault or downtime in your telephone or data cabling systems can cost you time and money. How can we help?

  • NBN outlets
  • Internet repairs
  • New outlets
  • Computer network connections
  • Telephone systems
  • TV antenna outlets
  • Cabling offices and residential buildings
  • Changing your business from ADSL or cable to NBN
  • Foxtel cabling
  • Line faults
  • Speed testing
Data Cabling Gold Coast
NBN Wall Socket

Our team currently holds ACMA industry licenses, OH & S certificates and insurance, and has an up-to-date understanding of industry products, standards and requirements.

Cable Installation Services

At Express Voice and Data, we offer a range of cable installation services to residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Whether you are working from home or setting up a new office, we have an in-depth knowledge of what you need to resolve all your current communication needs and keep you up to date in the future.

Our services include:

  • Cat6 data cabling
  • Cat6a data cabling
  • Cat5e data cabling
  • Installation of extra phone points
  • New network installations
  • Complete home network cabling installation
  • Complete business network cabling installation
  • Cable tray and catenary wire installation
  • Data cabinets and equipment
  • Testing and labelling
  • Conduit and pathway installation

We can also assist with the installation of WiFi and telephone systems as well as fault identification and repair.

Whether you are looking for data cable installers near you or have a corporate data connection issue, we get all Gold Coast data cablings jobs done at reasonable rates. Call now!

Data Cable Installation Services?
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What Data Cable installations do you provide?
We install Cat6, Cat6a and Cat5e data cabling for both residential and commercial properties.

Cat6 cabling is used for computer networks reaching a GB, 1000Mbps or one Gbps of data speed. It is best used for those properties where high-speed internet is required.

Cat6a cabling is used for purposes other than voice and data, including building automation, CCTV, building access and more. It is best used for commercial premises, as well as those looking to upgrade their homes with smart features.

Cat5e is best used in residential settings. It is a popular option for wired LAN and phone connections, however, only has a maximum of a 100-metre run length. Cat5e is backwards compatible for Cat5 and Cat3 installations, making Cat5e a good option when adding to older systems.

Not too sure what kind of installation you need? Our knowledgeable data cable installers can provide the best data cabling installation services in Gold Coast & Brisbane. 

Can You Extend the Cable Length?
Yes, we can extend the cable length however it isn’t as easy as just installing a longer cable. The strength of the signal and the speed of the data is related to how long your cable is, with most topping out around the 90 – 100 metre mark. However, our data cabling installers can install devices that essentially pick up and re-send the signal down the line further.

If you need telephone or data further away from the installation point, give us a call . Contact Us on – 0422835964 Our experienced team can discuss your needs and work out the best option for your home or business.

What Are the Different Types of Network Cabling?
When it comes to data cabling on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, there are two main types of network cabling – fibre-optic and ethernet (or twisted pair).

Ethernet cables are well known and have been used for a number of years in residential and commercial settings. They are cheap and are used for many devices; in fact, you’re probably using them right now at home or at work. They do however have some downsides, and that’s mainly to do with how far they can send the data before it loses speed and integrity – which is around 90 metres.

Fibre-optic cables transmit data via light instead of electricity like a more conventional cable does. They are extremely fast and will do well into the future with technology upgrades and advances. They are perfect for use in industry and in locations where there is electromagnetic interference, as the cables are not affected by surges and spikes.

Are you looking to upgrade your phone and data cabling in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast?

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